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TAD Map - Consensus estimates of TAD layouts with associated tools for single-cell RNA-seq analysis

Topologically associating domains (TADs) are contiguous segments of the genome where the genomic elements are in frequent contact with each other. Genes that cooccupy a TAD are often functionally related and more likely to be coexpressed than random gene pairs, The TAD Map (preprint to come) provides a consensus estimates of this layout in human and mouse, aggregated from multiple experimental datasets. A useful interpretation of the TAD Map is as a grouping of genes along the genome that share a similar chromatin neighborhood and may be co-regulated. Accordingly, this package also provides functionality to map any single-cell RNA-seq dataset to TAD signatures, where gene expression is grouped by TADs, and mapped to per-TAD activation probabilities in each cell.

Read the documentation. We encourage you to report issues at our Github page ; you can also create pull reports there to contribute your enhancements. If the TAD Map is useful in your research, please consider citing our preprint bioRxiv (2021).

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